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Amos From Outer Space

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Play peekaboo with friendly aliens, make your own soundtrack, fish with penguins and eskimos, draw with stars, dress up Amos, make funny noises and much more... A great app for the youngest space explorers!
NB: this app works on all Android platforms, but is designed with tablet size screens in mind, as a result, some target areas might be a little small for optimal use on phones.
About Poisson Rouge Interactica
Poisson Rouge Interactica has been developing interactive environments for children since 1999. Linguists, graphic artists, musicians and educational psychologists constitute the core team of designers.
No text, no instructions, but carefully designed visual environments and sound-scapes make Poisson Rouge Interactica's productions resemble nothing else in the interactive world. Approved by children, parents and teachers from around the globe.
Watch your children play, learn, grow and become autonomous and self-confident.